Powerful, energetic and hard is exactly what Beatfreak brings to the table. His first taste of success came after his successful attend at the Radical Redemption’s DJ contest. After that the confident young producer and exceptional talent was on a mission to change the game of Raw Hardstyle. Marvin is determent to push himself to a next level.

This born entertainer from the deep south of the Netherlands is always pushing himself and his performances further. With releases like: “Curse of the Clown, Madness and Pay up” het set foot to a whole new level of music productions.
His charismatic and energetic performances drives audiences crazy. But also the biggest names in the scene are keeping an eye for this talented DJ/Producer. His tracks are already supported by mainstage artists and on the biggest stages.

Not only known from his outstanding productions, but this natural-born performer with an outstanding charisma on stage is a guarantees a big success of entertainment. Beatfreak has performed at some of the most distinguished festivals known in the Hardstyle scene like Decibel, Ground Zero and Live For This. And he is ready to conquer the world!