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Rowan Coomans knew from a young age that he wanted to become an artist in the harddance scene. After visiting multiple festivals he developed a taste for the rougher side of hardstyle. Insanatix was born. Known for his energetic sets with suprising elements Insanatix is an act to keep your eyes on. The element of suprise is a crucial part in his sets. With excelent track selection, making amazing mash-ups and suprising edits Insanatix knows how to keep the crowd excited. After winning multiple DJ contest he took the stage on multiple festivals like Royaal Kabaal & Girls like DJ’s. Since that moment Insanatix knew he wanted to create his own sounds and started to learn how to make his own music. By joining Blackness Events & Bookings the future looks bright for Insanatix. Are you ready to get insane with Insanatix?



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