Line-up planning

Need different artists but not the connections or time to sort everything out? We have the network and the expertise to take care of your entire line-up.

Stage hosting at festivals & Clubs

On behalf of Blackness we can host an entire stage at various festivals and clubs. Hereby we can take care of the content of the program, atmosphere, promotion and more.

Artist management

As an artist you naturally prefer to make music, which is why it is often difficult to focus on the peripheral matters. We help artists with their career plans. Hereby we offer help in the areas of: social media, bookings, contracts and riders, create invoices and many more. We also encourage collaboration with other artists through our network.

Tour management

Planning to go on a foreign tour? We look for the best locations, most favorable flights and the finest hotels. the artist has the best travel times as possible and has as much time as possible to prepare for his performances.

Concept development

A perfect idea for an event but not the expertise to actually execute it? We can contribute to the implementation of your concepts or ideas. In addition, we are also constantly developing new concepts ourselves.

Event guidance and advice

Blackness has a full service event service. This allows us to implement the development and entire production of an event. Nothing is impossible! From a small party to a festival stage with matching line-up. With Blackness everything is possible. Think of light and sound, stages, tents and sanitary facilities. Whether it concerns 1 artist or an entire line-up, from advice to an entire production. All types of artists, from DJ to full band. Personalized help, clear communication and professionalism are paramount. We are happy to help you make your event a success.